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As you may know we have the second largest walking meditation Labyrinth in Ontario. It was created from natural stones from one of the local aggregate locations here in Bancroft. We can guide you through the labyrinth and teach you how magical it really is.

We are situated on Tait Lake. The lake is spring-fed; approximately 50 acres in size and 25 feet deep in the middle. Our B & B is at the south end of the lake. .

We got busy this past year and built some red barn-style shutters and painted the front door the same colour.

Our friend, Michelle, graciously created new curtains for each of the bedrooms. They look great!

We are building desktops for three of the bedrooms so our guests can use their computer or write post cards/letters or sit and read a good book. We upgraded our wireless internet, so our guests can have easier and faster access.

Please remember, we operate the L’Amable Post Office –  for seven years now. It’s right on site if you need to purchase stamps or send something through the mail.

Liz obtained her Ontario Wedding Officiant license with The Centre for Spiritual Living. Liz will work with you to help customize your wedding ceremony at the location of your choice, such as at your home or at the Teddy Bear B&B overlooking Tait Lake.

Officiant License No. 64438
Liz Inglis, BA,M.Sc.
Obtained her Bachelor degree through the
University of Metaphysical Ministries.

As part of the Practioner’s degree, some studies were done through the Centre for Spiritual Living-Toronto.

We’ve been working on improving both our health and lifestyle which led us to creating a new blog: www.plaquebusters.wordpress.com. There are two products we highly recommend and have integrated them both into our daily routine. So, you can enjoy them now as part of your breakfast when you stay with us. We enjoy both products so much, we contacted the companies to have them available for sale at the Teddy Bear Bed and Breakfast. Plain and simple, it’s a healthy choice!


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Infinite Spiritual Centre ~ Empowering Spiritual Transformations


January’s Theme:  Leading the Way Intuitively!

Join us in this Spiritual Adventures program that is designed to help you navigate the challenges of living spiritually with open heart-minded awareness in every day life. Every month we will explore a new theme to develop our core understanding in this SKILL-BUILDING series..

Join Andrea Connell, Workshop Facilitator and Host Rev. Liz Inglis at the
Teddy Bear Bed & Breakfast, L’Amable, ON

January 25th, 2014 @ 10: am – 4:00 pm

JANUARY’S THEME:  Leading the Way Intuitively

Learn various techniques and methods to develop dependable and trustworthy Intuitive Senses.

We will meditate, play with pendulums and other oracles, learn and practice muscle testing for reliable results, meet our higher selves, discover and beat the influence of fear, worry and negative thinking.

Call to reserve today at 613.332.4678 or email us at revliz50@yahoo.ca

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